Order now your Flipr, the connected pool device that analyzes your water, and tells you how to maintain your pond.

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Forget the stress of water testing. ! Flipr is a connected device that tells you when and how to act on your pool. Thanks to Flipr, you control your pool water and save up to 30% on your annual budget..

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Your Flipr compatible Chlorine, Bromine or Salt Pool

The Flipr App (iOS or Google Android)

Enjoy your Summer with Flipr

Security : Flipr guarantees you a clean pool and a healthy water by limiting the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

Comfort : With Flipr, no more analysis to do. Analyzes are available on your smartphone, with clear and precise dosages for your pool

Save : With Flipr’s advices, you reduce your consumption of chemicals, water, and electricity. In total, up to 30% savings on your annual pool budget.

Check your sigfox coverage before order : click here.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.98 kg
Dimensions 40 x 39 x 10 cm

Flipr uses components that need to be changed beyond a certain time of use. The times indicated below are minimum delays: depending on the use of your Flipr, the life of the components may be longer.- Battery: Recommended change beyond 3 summers- Reddox and pH probes: Recommended change beyond 2 summers. Please find below the price of probes and batteries : These prices include the room, labor, and transport. * Battery change: 1499 ZAR * Change 1 sensor: 1889 ZAR * Change 2 sensors: 2199 ZAR * Maintenance pack 3 years (battery + 2 probes): 2899 ZAR. Maintenance of the fixation: – Clean the surface of the suction cup before application.- It is advisable to remove the suction cup during wintering.

Fixing system

Flipr floats, or can be fixed to the walls of the pools with a shell pool thanks to a Fix 'n Swim suction cup.The use on other types of coatings (liner, tiles, etc.) is done under your full responsibility. If you want, you can also place Flipr directly in your skimmer (not recommended if you place chlorine directly in the skimmer) or in the tray of your shutter. Note: placing Flipr in the pane tray or in the skimmer can alter data transfer via the Sigfox network.


Flipr uses the Sigfox network to send the analyzes. South Africa is covered. We invite you to check the good reception of the network around your pool before your purchase. After receipt your Flipr, if you have some trouble with the Sigfox network coverage, contact us in less than 14 days in order to find the better issue to your problem.


Height 25cm, width 14 cm, depth 5 cm (excluding fixing system)