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General Information about Flipr

What does Flipr measure?

Flipr measures the level of disinfectant (chlorine or bromine), PH level, water conductivity and water temperature. Thanks to our artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms, Flipr is able to detect irregularities in alkalinity (TAC), or in the hardness (TH) of water. Flipr does not just give you a data: every measure is accompanied by clear and precise information about how to keep your water healthy. Finally, the application offers a weather service, as well as many tips to maintain and enjoy your pool.



Which treatments are compatible with Flipr?
Flipr is compatible with chlorine, bromine and salt (electrolysis) pools.
Regarding chlorine treatments, we note that Flipr works both with stabilized and non-stabilized chlorine. However, stabilized chlorine has the main disadvantage of spreading stabilizer in the pool. A too higher level of stabilizer can distort the results of the chlorine level . If this were the case, Flipr would use other parameters and calculations to deduce chlorine. You will also be asked to perform some actions to regulate the stabilizer level.
We also recall that the use of stabilizer, and its high concentration in the basin, leads in the long term to a great instability of the water (high risk of turbid and green waters).

What is Flipr Infinite?
With Flipr Infinite(1), you enjoy absolute serenity by the pool.
Flipr incorporates components such as sensors or battery, which wear out over time. The battery has a lifetime of 3 years. Regarding the sensors, we advice you to change after 2 years. With Flipr Infinite, you will benefit from a 3 year maintenance package included with your Flipr, that is to change the battery and the two sensors at no cost.
Triggering maintenance: When you want, during the first three years of your Flipr’s life, you start the procedure. A carrier will pick up the Flipr at your home (or in a relay point near you), we will carry out the change of parts, and we will return the product to you. The transport of the Flipr round trip is included in your offer.
(1)This service may not be available in your country. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a subscription with Flipr?

No subscription will be required. The price includes Flipr, the object to place in the water, and its use. Simply place Flipr in your pool to start working and sending data. The application is completely free, and downloadable on the AppStore Apple and Google Play Store.

Is Flipr compatible with a shutter?
Flipr can be used with pool shutters. In this case, it is necessary to fix Flipr to the wall of the basin.
We offer a fixing system specially designed to operate with roller shutters. This exclusive system makes it possible to rotate Flipr and to pass it under the flap. So you do not need to remove Flipr, and your shutter will not be stopped when you’ll close it. The fixing system is available on our website.
Note: once the shutter is closed, Flipr will be underwater. In this case, Flipr may no longer emit a Sigfox signal. It will reconnect and return data when the pane is opened again.


Order and delivery

What are the delivery delay and prices?

Please find our delivery cost for foreign country :

  • South Africa : 170 ZAR. Delivery in 4-7 days.


What are the payment methods accepted on the website?

You can pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Apart from the website, where can you buy Flipr?

In South Africa, Flipr is available in some specialists pools shops and supermarkets. Do not hesitate to contact us: we will communicate you the nearest official retailer.

Flipr care and warranty

How to maintain Flipr?
The maintenance of Flipr is very easy:
  • Off season: we advise you to leave Flipr of the water (example: from October to March). All you have to do is place it in wintering mode. In this case, the application will guide you step by step (very simple).
  • At the beginning of the season: when you place Flipr in water, a calibration of the sensors will have to be carried out. This operation, very easy, will be explained to you by the application. Just follow the steps.
  • In season: Nothing to do!
  • Every two or three years: The Flipr battery has a lifetime of 3 years. It is also advisable to change the sensors after 2 years. We offer various services all included to ensure this maintenance.

How long are the components?
Flipr has 2 components with a limited lifetime.
  • The battery: the battery has a lifetime of 3 seasons (one season = 7 months of use). It is not rechargeable.
  • The sensors : all our sensors have a lifetime of 2 seasons.
  • When the batteries or probes are depleted, we offer an all-including replacement service. You don’t make anything: we take Flipr from your home(1), make the replacement, and send it back. The service includes the change of components, labor and transport(1). This service guarantees the watertightness of your Flipr.
(1)This service may not be available in your country. Please contact us for more information.

What is the cost of changing Flipr components ?
During Flipr’s lifetime, the application will advise you to change some components of your product. This technical operation, which requires the expertise of qualified technicians, can be carried out by authorized dealers or through our own services (1).
At Flipr, we offer an all-inclusive services. Below are the rates. These prices include component, labor, as well as round-trip transportation from your home or from a relay point close to home (1).
Price for South Africa :
  • Battery change: 1499 ZAR
  • Change 1 sensor: 1889 ZAR
  • Replacement 2 sensors: 2199 ZAR
  • 3 years maintenance pack (battery + 2 probes): 2899 ZAR
(1)this service may not be available in your country. Please contact us for more information.

Can I change the component myself ?
Flipr is a high-tech device in a humid environment with electronic components. In order to ensure a perfect operation over time, Flipr must be perfectly waterproof (IP68 standard). Therefore, any work on Flipr must be carried out by highly qualified personnel. It can be our own teams (1), or an authorized dealer for the repair of products.
(1)this service may not be available in your country. Please contact us for more information.

Is Flipr guaranteed?

Of course ! You benefit from a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers all parts of the Flipr. For more information about the warranty and its support, see our terms and conditions.

I Have a problem with my Flipr
We will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.
If you don’t find an answer in our FAQ, please visit the technical support page.

Sigfox network and Connection

What is Sigfox ?
Sigfox (French company) is a telecommunications network, similar to the network you used on your mobile phone. The particularity of this network is to be adapted to the connected objects.
The Sigfox network is used by Flipr to send datas from your pool to your Smartphone. If your pool is covered by the Sigfox network, you can access to your pool ’s data from anywhere in the world. South Africa is covered, as well as 36 countries around the world. There is no subscription: the use of this network is included in the sale price of Flipr.
Go to this page to test the coverage on your home

How does Flipr connect? (I do not have Wifi at the edge of my swimming pool)
Keep cool : no one has Wi-Fi at the edge of the pool!
Flipr does not need Wifi to work. It automatically connects to the Sigfox network. This network is especially dedicated to connected devices. No installation is necessary, you just have to make sure that your pool is well covered by the network. You can test your connection here.

How do I know if my pool is covered by Sigfox?

To test your connection, we invite you to provide us with your complete mailing address on this page. We will reply as soon as possible.

I bought Flipr, but my pool is not covered!
in some cases, very rare, It is possible that Flipr can not connect to its network due to the configuration of your pool. In this case, you have 2 possibilities :
  • You can use bluetooth: you just need to be near the Flipr to recover the data.
  • You can assert your right of withdrawal: You have 14 days from the day you have receiving your product. You’ll have to send back the product, and we will  reimburse you (excluding return costs, 200 ZAR).

Location and fixing of Flipr

How to fix Flipr?
Flipr has been designed to float in water. Nevertheless, for better comfort and better measurements, we suggest you to fix it to the pool wall.
We have developed a fixing system especially made for Flipr. It is compatible for swimming pools with smooth surface (minimum flat surface of 10cm in diameter, without joints). This fixing system is already available on our website.
Our Fix’n Swim product is also specially designed to operate with roller shutters. Thanks to a unique system, it makes it possible to rotate Flipr and to make it pass under the flap. So you do not need to remove Flipr, and your shutter will not be embarrassed in its course.

Can Flipr be placed in the Skimmer?

Yes, you can place Flipr in the Skimmer, if it is big enough. Nevertheless, we advise against it: the skimmer is often the place where one places its pebbles of chlorine. Placing Flipr near the pebbles could distort the results of Chlorine analyzes. On the other hand, residues and wastes in the skimmer could also distort some results.

Can Flipr be placed under water?

A part of the Flipr must remain imperatively out of the water in order to be able to continue to transmit data.

The Flipr App

With which phones is the application compatible?
The Flipr application is compatible with the following phones:
  • iPhone using iOS10 (minimum iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C)
  • Smartphone using Android 4.4 minimum.

Where can I download the application?
The app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms.
Obviously, it will be totally free.

Can I use Flipr on a tablet?

For now the application is only available for smartphones.

Can I use the application data on a home automation station?

To date, we do not provide Flipr APIs. A program is under consideration for mid-spring 2018.

How far should Flipr be to retrieve the data?
It all depends on the data service you will be using.
  • If you use Sigfox (what we recommend): you can be on the other side of the world and manage to recover the data from your pool.
  • If you are using Bluetooth: you must be within a radius of 8m around your Flipr.

Others questions

I am a reseller and your product interests me!

We will be very happy to offer Flipr to your customers! Find our contact details on this page, and contact us for a demo.