The concept

Flipr was born from an observation: aside from being lots of fun, a pool requires a lot of maintenance. This maintenance can only be effective if water tests are reliable. However, water testing kits provided with pools are often not very accurate. What a waste of time! Like us, you probably have better things to do than practice your chemistry skills by the pool, right? 

This is why we came up with Flipr, a smart device for swimming pools that analyses your pool water in real time. With latest generation sensors and some of the most efficient transmission technology, Flipr automatically synchronises your pool’s water test results with your smartphone, alerts you and advises you on what to do. Our app identifies the precise product dosage that needs to be put into the water in order to avoid draining your pool. It also indicates pump operation time. Thus, in addition to saving time, Flipr allows you to reduce your pool maintenance budget by ~32 %.

Swim fitter with Flipr!

Flipr aims to make water testing and safety more accessible. The purpose behind this objective? To provide easily accessible technology and make life easier for users. Founded in 2015 by Paul Costaseca, Sven Fonteny and Florent Vidal, Flipr was one of the finalists at the Startup WeekEnd Perpignan 2015. The company is currently part of the IOT Valley acceleration programme in Toulouse (ConnectedCamp) and is supported by Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole.

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The team

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